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Best Eco Friendly Beauty Gadgets

Leading an Eco-friendly lifestyle can be easy if you do a little research. If you want to look perfect, but you don’t want to harm the environment by using wasteful beauty gadgets, read the following lines. Here you will find out which are the best Eco-friendly beauty gadgets on the market.
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Pure Heat G-0147 Earthstick flat iron

A good unit that doesn’t use too much energy nor releases toxins into the air should be made of quality materials and should provide control over the temperature, as well as an automatic shut-off feature. To straighten and style your hair without harming the environment, you can use the amazing Pure Heat G-0147 Earthstick flat iron. You can have this Eco-friendly beauty gadget for the price of $90. What makes it the best Eco-friendly choice to go with is the fact that it is made with recycled components, and it comes in a recycled packaging. It’s TUV and RoHS certified. This flat iron offers a generous temperature range from 170 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, making it perfect for all hair types. The 1-inch plates are made from floating nano tourmaline infused ceramic. In addition, it features a 9-foot long swivel cord that allows free movement when you’re styling your hair.
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Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 electric shaver

For a man to look his best, he must be perfectly shaved. To get that clean, impeccable look, use the Eco-friendly Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 electric shaver. To purchase it, you have to spend $110. Not only is this shaver Eco-friendly and quite affordable, but according to the shaver reviews and ratings from electricshavers.reviews, this shaver is also efficient and very comfortable to use. With it, you can either have a dry or a wet shave. Due to the fact that it’s an electric shaver and you can use it for dry shaving, it helps save water. Also, it doesn’t consume a lot of power to run. It offers 56000 cross-cutting actions per minute across the 4 blades to make sure that you will shave all the hair in one pass. The pivoting head that it features allows it to glide smoothly along the contours of your face. The built-in pop-up trimmer can be used to shave the mustache and the sideburns. In addition, it features a useful 10-stage LCD in the handle that allows you to check the electric shaver’s power status.
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Parlux 3800 ionic&ceramic hair dryer

For around $115, you can dry your hair in an Eco-friendly manner with the Parlux 3800 ionic&ceramic hair dryer. What makes it the greenest dryer on the market is the fact that it is made from recycled plastics, and it has a recycled outer package. The 2100W motor that it uses reduces electricity usage and drying time. It emits 75 cubic feet per hour airflow. The two nozzles that it comes with allow for concentrated styling. The fact that it uses both ionic and ceramic technology make it ideal for your hair’s health, helping maintain its natural moisture. In addition, it features a built-in silencer that is specifically designed to reduce the noise produced by this beauty gadget.

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