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Common Household Items that You Can Recycle

Our planet constantly changes and over the last years and it became much more different than it used to be before all the pollutants and toxic chemicals invaded it. There are many people and organizations that do their best in order to make us all more ecologically responsible and save our planet, but we are still far from becoming conscious about the negative impacts of environmental pollution. We see all sorts of messages that encourage us to recycle our household items and so help the environment and save space in our houses and landfills. Moreover, recycling old items takes less energy than making new products, so why don’t we all try to make this world a better place for us all? Here are some examples of common household items that can be recycled.
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Books and Newspapers

We all have old books such as coloring books, phone books or newspapers that can be recycled into new paper. You may not know, but paper is about 35 percent of the waste in landfills, so recycling books and newspapers is very important to help the environment.
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Plastic Bottles

This is another category of recyclables, which can be very harmful to nature because the PETE pollutes the environment and is very durable, thus decomposing in many years. Unfortunately, plastic containers are found anywhere around us in the form of plastic soda, water bottles, and many others and it becomes harder and harder to control the PETE waste.
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Batteries can seriously affect the environment if they are thrown in the trash and if they aren’t returned to the retail store. Whenever you need to buy a new battery, remember to take the old one with you and leave it in special places. There are even locations that can recycle rechargeable batteries, facilitating the entire process of battery collection.
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CFL Bulbs

Compact fluorescent bulbs are very dangerous because they contain mercury so you cannot dispose of them in the trash. The CFL bulbs have to be dropped off in special locations such as hazardous waste facilities. These bulbs have a greater risk to contaminate the environment than the thermostats and they easily break down in the landfills.
Common Household Items that You Can Recycle Picture

Plastic Grocery Bags

Producers use type 2 plastic to make the grocery bags and there are many grocery stores that can provide bins for storing them before the recycling process. Moreover, they can also be reused at home as wastebasket liners or packing material.

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