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Eco Air Conditioning Ideas

Without a doubt, air conditioners are among the most effective cooling devices out there. Unfortunately, they are extremely wasteful, consuming a lot of power to operate. If you lead an Eco-friendly lifestyle, you probably already know about this major downfall. In case you are looking for efficient air conditioning methods that are environmentally friendly, read the following lines.
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Diffuse cold water

When it’s hot outside, indoor humidity plays an important role in how warm your home feels. An Eco-friendly method that you can use to cool the air indoors is to diffuse cold water. You can do this by using an aromatherapy diffuser that you fill with cool water and cooling essential oils. The cooling mist that it will produce is going to give you a better breathing experience, making your home pleasant to be in.
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Use the Lasko 2535 52-inch energy efficient oscillating tower fan

A great addition to your home if you’re looking for Eco air conditioning solutions is the Lasko 2535 52-inch energy efficient oscillating tower fan. It comes at the price of around $80. The oscillating design ensures the room in which you place it will be cooled evenly and effectively. It features 3 energy-efficient airflow speeds that you can choose from. To further increase the energy efficiency of this tower fan, it features a programmable timer. It comes with a multi-function remote control that makes it more convenient to use the tower fan. In addition, it features a handle that will make it easy for you to move the unit from room to room as needed.
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Put ice packs in the windows

An ingenious way to cool your home without harming the environment is to put ice packs in the windows. First, you must count the number of windows that your home has. If you have 10 windows, you should put 10 ice packs in the freezer and let them freeze. After the packs are frozen, place one at each window, in the space between the screen and the window. Keep the windows open and let the breeze run through the ice packs in order to create a cool airflow.
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Turn the ceiling fans counter-clockwise

A neat, Eco-friendly trick that you can use to cool your home is to turn the ceiling fans counter-clockwise. This way, the ceiling fans will suck the hot air upwards, cooling the bottom half of the rooms and keeping the hot air up. In addition, you can use the ceiling fan to keep warm when winter comes as well. All that you have to do is to set the ceiling fans to run clockwise, and the hot air will come down in the bottom half of the room.

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