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Eco-Friendly Kitchen Appliances for a Greener Lifestyle

Over the last few years, the green kitchen has become very popular. With all these eco-friendly appliances and energy-efficient devices available on the market, everyone can get a truly ”healthy” kitchen. If you want to find out more about some eco-friendly kitchen appliances for a green lifestyle, read on.

GE Profile™ Series 48″ Built-In Side-by-Side Refrigerator

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GE Side-by-Side refrigerator was designed to help you save energy. It features an amazing design and it has new innovations which turn it into one of the most efficient devices on the market. It provides many features such as 48” built-in configuration, LED lighting, external controls with actual temperature display, door alarm, humidity-controlled drawers and an advanced temperature management system. Each one of its features has different purposes. As such, the temperature system provides a multi-shelf air tower, which has the ability to distribute the air through the refrigerator, keeping foods fresh. The humidity-control drawers will provide a good food preservation, while the LED lighting will illuminate the fresh food compartment without compromising space.

Sage Custom Loaf Pro

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Appliances for a Greener Lifestyle Pictures
We read some bread maker reviews and we concluded that when it comes to perfection and durability, there is no better option than Sage Custom Loaf Pro, a model that is 20% or more energy efficient than traditional models. It comes with a wide range of new innovations and features to help you save energy and money. Therefore, this impressive unit features a simple control panel with an easy-read digital display which allows you to scroll through its settings. It provides 14 settings, from gluten-free to crusty loaf and jam. Additionally, it offers you the possibility to choose the rapid bake option, so you can bake a bread in less than 2 hours. Besides all these options, it also comes with an automatic fruit and nut dispenser, a ‘bake and watch’ light and three crust color options.

Classic Series Chemex Coffee Maker

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Appliances for a Greener Lifestyle Pictures
The Classic Series Chemex is a coffee maker made of non-porous glass. It will not absorb chemical residues and odors. Moreover, it is an elegant and eco-friendly kitchen appliance which provides one of the purest methods of brewing. The grounds are placed in the cone-shaped filter at the pot and the hot water is poured over them. The brewing process is very easy and it delivers the best cup of coffee.

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