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How to Choose Eco-Friendly Appliances

Appliances are everywhere in your house and you use them for almost any daily activity. You need them to stay connected, to store your food properly, to cook your food, to create a comfortable living environment, to provide your family with clean clothes, you basically need an appliance for everything. This is why it’s so important to choose eco-friendly appliances that will only serve you well and our shopping tips will help you choose only the best items.
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Select items with an Energy Star label

Large appliances are the most energy consuming because they require more power in order to operate. The items that you use on a daily basis are the ones that demand more attention because these will add the most to your electricity bill. Therefore, when choosing your refrigerator, microwave oven, electric stove, or television, make sure you look for the Energy Star rating that lets you know that product has been manufactured with energy saving in mind.
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Look for short cycles and programs

Appliances that come with timed cycles like the washing machine, the dryer or the dishwasher, are trickier because you wouldn’t want to give up on quality while giving up energy use. Therefore, instead of choosing units with fewer cycle options, choose some that offer short cycles that will allow you to save energy by washing or drying fewer items. The dryer is not an appliance that can be considered energy saving due to its functioning but you can limit its energy use by choosing shorter drying cycles.

Choose between gas and electricity

Some appliances like the stove, the dryer or the heater come in two power versions so you can choose the one you like best. The electricity powered units are considered more eco-friendly than gas units because they don’t create harmful gas emissions that spread into the air. Moreover, if you opt for a renewable energy source like a solar panel, you will minimize the environmental effects of electricity-powered appliances.
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Opt for programmable timers and auto shut offs

Appliances with programmable timers are excellent choices if you want to limit energy use because they let you select the desired operating time. Instead of having a fan running all day, it’s best to set it to start at a certain point, let’s say before bedtime, so you will fall asleep in a cool and cozy bedroom. Also, appliances that turn off automatically when they finish their chore save even more energy. Imagine not having to worry about leaving the coffee maker on when you go to work because it has already turned itself off.
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Try the latest technologies

Appliances designed using the latest technologies are more energy efficient and have a lower impact on the environment. Some of them are made from recycled materials, others can be easily recycled as well, some have sensors that adjust their operating time or mode, and the list can go on. Therefore, if you really want to choose eco-friendly appliances, look for innovative technologies.

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