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How to Drive in an Eco-Friendly Way

The permanent increase of fuel price makes us think more about some simple ways which help us save money and gasoline. You just have to change the way you drive and you will notice you can save a significant amount of fuel and money in a very short time. The Eco-friendly driving method helps you save fuel without losing the time required to reach the destination. In this article, we have gathered a few tips which can help you drive in an Eco-friendly way.

Reduce speed

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Everybody knows that air resistance is an important factor when you drive at high speed. The faster you drive, the higher the air resistance is, meaning that it takes more energy. Legal speeds are 130km / h and 100km / h on motorways and it consumes about 40 % of the car energy due to the air resistance. This percentage increases rapidly even at the lowest speed increase.

Know your route

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In every big city, the problem is not the air resistance. Actually, it’s another important factor that everyone should consider: the engine which supports your car weight. Moreover, people who know their route are able to save huge amounts of fuel. As you all know, you are often faced with traffic jams, junctions or roundabouts. If you look in front of you and you can anticipate a stop, this will be very beneficial. Actually, it’s recommended to gently press the brake before reaching the intersection. If you drive in this way, by taking the foot off the accelerator and using only the force of the machine, you’ll save fuel consumption. If we compare this method with its opposite, keeping the foot on the accelerator and braking, when you get in line, you’ll see that you can easily save over 5% of fuel.

Keep the distance

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Driving too close to the car in front of you is not just dangerous, but it also increases your fuel consumption. Every driver knows that when you drive too close to the car in front of you will tend to brake and accelerate more often because you have to react quickly to avoid accidents. If you keep a safe distance, you’ll be able to slow up easily by relaxing the slight acceleration, thus having less need to brake. A safe distance often means that you will lose less speed and you will not need to brake very often. This will also help you save gasoline.

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