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How to Have a Clean Chemical-Free Swimming Pool

A lot of scientific studies have shown that swimming in pools which contain toxic chemicals and chlorine by-products in them can be extremely dangerous for our health. Some of the health issues caused by these chemical contaminants are rashes, burning eyes, and skin irritations. Therefore, for you to be able to have fun and enjoy using your swimming pool, you must ensure that it’s chemical free. If you want to learn how to have a chemical-free swimming pool that won’t present a danger to your health, read the following lines.
How to Have a Clean Chemical-Free Swimming Pool Picture

Water Tech BLD03 Blue Diamond robot pool cleaner

Probably the best way to ensure a clean chemical-free swimming pool is to use the Water Tech blue diamond pool cleaner that incorporates plenty of useful features into an attractive and colorful design. While it cleans the water and surfaces of your pool you can tend to other activities because it doesn’t need any help to perform these tasks. It’s designed for in-ground pools of all types that measure up to 5900 sq. ft. and it will have the job done in around an hour. The powerful suction of blue diamond pool cleaner ensures that it can remove extra small debris from the pool and send them to the large filter bag. Due to the intelligent navigation, it finds its way along the pool and the two sensors keep it from bumping into obstacles.

MineralPure Premium Model-RC-50

Without a doubt, the MineralPure Premium Model-RC-50 ionization system is one of the best choices to go with if you want to have a clean chemical-free swimming pool. It comes at the price of $1300. It can handle up to 50000 gallons of water. This top of the line ionization system features a large LCD display that allows easy monitoring. It offers 120 precise settings for you to choose from. You can easily inspect the ionization system’s electrodes due to the unique flow cell assembly of this model. Also, this assembly allows an easy change-out without the use of tools. The ScaleBlaster system that it features allows it to remove and prevent limes scale buildup in pool walls. In addition, the enclosure of this model includes a test kit, a signal cable, and a unique flow cell chamber.

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