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How to Recycle Old Clothes

We all have clothes that get shoved to the back of the closet and just occupy space. The main reason for this situation is the fact that many clothes have gone out of style, or simply don’t present any more interest to us. The best thing we can do in order to get rid of that pile of clothes that stands in our closets having absolutely no purpose is to recycle all the clothes we don’t wear anymore. Therefore, in order to find out how to recycle old clothes, read the article below and learn some interesting things.
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Everyone can donate clothes to a local charity or a re-use organization. The main purpose of this is to help those in need and give them the possibility to wear clothes that are still in good condition, but they don’t present interest for you or they simply don’t fit you anymore.
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Another thing you can do in order to recycle the old clothes and still enjoy them is to repair them. In this manner, you will be able to wear them for a longer period of time. If you don’t manage to handle the needle and the thread, you can easily ask a friend for help or go to a repair service.
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Since the main problem with most clothes is that they become old-fashioned, another great idea is to restyle them into something that you like to wear. This activity will also give you the occasion to put into practice your imagination and turn yourself into a little designer. You can cut-off shirts of the old pair of jeans, you can add buttons or zippers, or any other fashionable items, or you can even dye the fabric and turn the clothes into something completely different.
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Make Fancy Accessories

There are all sorts of interesting ideas that will help you make fancy accessories out of your old clothes. You can make slippers or belts, or you can make a winter hat or scarf from the clothes you don’t wear anymore. Also, you can even mix and match fabrics to sew a new scarf or a headband or you may even want to make some new slippers. It’s all up to your imagination.
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Take the Clothes to Recycling Centers

If you don’t want to donate or restyle your old clothes you can take them to those special bins from public places that will collect and sort them according to their fabrics. Clothes are almost entirely recyclable, so most of them can be used for other purposes.

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