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Top 5 Best Green Cars

Nowadays, plenty of people choose to buy green cars. With hydrogen, electric, hybrid and diesel powertrains all available, looking for a green car, might be now more confusing than ever. It’s quite difficult to find a green car which can suit you because each of the cars offers you a mix of practicality, efficiency and price. If you are thinking about buying a green car you can find inspiration in the next top 5 green cars.

Mitsubishi i-MiEV

 Top 5 Best Green Cars Picture
The Mitsubishi i-MiEV is one of the most affordable green cars. It’s 100% electric and the internal combustion gasoline engine has been replaced with a clean Mitsubishi electric motor. It has a high-tech drivetrain which produces zero on-road emissions. This innovative technology is an integrated system monitoring and optimizing the flow of energy throughout the car. You should know that MiEV technology distributes incoming energy from the regenerative brakes, it creates a smooth acceleration and it regulates the output from the battery.

Nissan Leaf

Top 5 Best Green Cars Picture
The Nissan Leaf is a 100% green car. Its electric motor is powered by an advanced lithium-ion battery which you can change at home or on-the-go. You should know that Nissan LEAF doesn’t use gas, so this means no fumes, no emissions and no tailpipe. You should buy this car not only for its efficiency, but also for its regenerative brakes, aerodynamic body and LED low-beam headlights which use half the energy of the traditional ones.

Chevy Volt

Top 5 Best Green Cars Picture
The Chevy Volt offers you efficiency in engineering. This is an electric car with a backup plan. It operates as a pure battery electric vehicle and when this battery runs out, a gas-powered generator generates additional energy. This way you will fell confident to go as far as you want. You should know that Volt is powered by two electric motors which are working together to conserve electric charge and optimize efficiency. One of the most interesting features of this car is that you can monitor and even change your battery. The Chevy Volt has an innovative Power Flow screen which allows you to understand how it transfers the kinetic energy from the vehicle’s motion in the battery while slowing the vehicle down. All this can happen with the press of a steering wheel-mounted paddle.

Smart Fortwo electric drive

Top 5 Best Green Cars Picture
The Smart Fortwo electric drive is the latest version of this tiny two-seat city car. If you are thinking about buying a Smart electric car, you should know that it handles better than the gasoline Smart ForTwo. This advantage was created by the fact that it has a low center of gravity caused by the floor-mounted battery pack. Due to its small size, this car is very efficient. Compared with other electric cars, the Smart Fortwo electric drive is one of the most affordable electric cars on the market.

Toyota Prius

 Top 5 Best Green Cars Picture
The Toyota Prius is the world’s best-selling hybrid car. Plenty of people choose to buy this car because it is very practical and efficient. It is a five-door hatchback, and it has a floating roof, a lower nose and a rear end which may not be to everyone’s taste. People confirm this car drives a lot like a regular car and it offers decent steering and confident road holding.

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