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Which Type of Grill Is Better For the Environment

Summer is the perfect season for barbecues and who wouldn’t want to cook some easy and quick meals for their families and friends? Therefore, in case you’ve decided to buy a grill for your backyard and prepare some delicious grilled meat or vegetables, you have to consider which grill is the best. Of course, many of us think which grill prepares a tastier food, but we should also consider which type is better for the environment. In order to help you decide better, we have gathered three of the most used grills: gas, charcoal and electric and compared them for you.
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There’s a big difference in how much the three grills pollute the environment and the best way to figure this out is to consider the air pollution localized near the grill. The electric grills may be the best solution if it’s powered by wind or solar otherwise, they are considered the most pollutants. On the other hand, gas grills, either they’re fueled by natural gas or propane are less dangerous than the charcoal ones. Charcoal is made of manufactured briquettes which release volatile organic compounds and ground-level ozone, which is the main cause of the smoke. Nevertheless, there are voices which say that natural lump charcoal made from hardwood material and with no additives added creates less ash than the commercial one.

Which Type of Grill Is Better For the Environment Picture

CO2 emissions

If we consider the carbon emission, the comparison between gas, charcoal, and electric grills is a very surprising one. Standard evaluation of carbon output showed that gas produces 5.6 pounds of carbon dioxide per hour while charcoal produces 11 pounds. In what concerns the electrical grills, they produce the highest amount of carbon emission, which is 15 pounds of carbon dioxide per hour. As you can see, the gas is again the best choice.

Overall, the greenest fuel we can opt for is the gas and although the food may taste better on charcoal grills, we have to think more about our health and how our action can influence the environment. Moreover, if we take into consideration the time-consuming and the money spent, then we should definitely choose a gas grill that besides the fact that is more beneficial it’s also very climate friendly.

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